Dewald Wessels Photography - About the photographer & team


First of all, thank YOU so much for visiting our page. I am Dewald Wessels, the face behind Dewald Wessels Photography. My wife, whom I lovingly referred to as the 'pose master' has the unique ability to make anyone feel at ease and comfortable. Together, I feel, we are a formidable team.

It all began in 2007, I started with freelance photography on a small scale. I’ve always loved photography, but didn’t realize what an impact it had in our lives.

I am a self-taught photographer and since 2007 I have worked hard to better myself and follow my dreams. I want to capture every special moment in a person’s life. Being able to experience so much emotion in my work, is what makes me happy. Recently I have completed various diplomas in Professional Photography and Smartphone Photography with distinction from an International College.

A photograph is something so special, unique and something that can be kept forever, it's magical moments that lasts a lifetime.

Our photographic style is definitely pure and unique. We love a good ol’ natural photograph that conveys beautiful moments in true form. I can honestly say that we love what we do and that it is a passion and not a "job".

If you like our work, you are welcome to drop me a message or email.

Please Note: All our photo shoots are stored on a secure cloud platform and, on request, can also be made available to you for downloads.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Dewald Wessels & Mellinda Wessels